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Ad Instructions

Advertise on the MARC website!

When you buy a business card-sized ad in our club newsletter The Chronicle, you get a free advertising on this website. Your ad will be a clickable graphic that you supply, that will open a new browser window to your website. Business card-sized ads cost $10 for a single issue, or $35 for a full year (four issues). Contact the editor for more information.

The small print…

  • The advertisement will appear on every page in the right column, except special pages like registration forms, etc.
  • The advertisement image can ONLY be in jpeg, gif, or png. We currently do NOT support any FLASH or animated advertisements. The size should be no more that 90 pixels tall by 160 pixels wide.
  • Your advertisement will be in 96 dpi resolution and should be less then 100 KB (kilobytes) in size (should not be a problem with the size and resolution restrictions).
  • A new browser window will be opened when a customer clicks on your advertisement.
  • There is no guarantee to the position of your ad on the advertisement pane. The display order will be random as each page is displayed.