NEXT EVENT- Kalamazoo Expo Center July 12-14, 2018.  Watch for info soon.


the Winter Vintage Electronics Expo Jan 27, 2018  just set another new record attendance, over 800 this year !   Also, Vendor tables sold out at 130 tables !  The best one ever, thanks to all who came and all the volunteers who helped make it a success!   Here are some pix from that event at the Costick Center in Farmington Hills, MI….  



The Winter Vintage Electronics Expo was Saturday, January 27 2018 at the Costick Center in Farmington Hills, located at 28600 Eleven Mile Road.      

Each show features vintage electronics gear including radios, record players, audio gear, records, vintage gaming and computing gear, parts and related items, all for sale by collectors who you can deal with face to face,  more fun than online.  Admission just $5.  Show runs 9am-4pm.  Kids under 12 free admission.

Here’s the deal: 
7:30am-9am  vendor load in 
9am –general admission just $5
10am-11am  first “Silent Auction” bidding … quick deals here !
Noon-1pm  second “Silent Auction” bidding…  more deals !
2pm Record Player seminar on stage in gym room
3pm  Bargain Auction – super cheap deals, parts, box lots,misc.  Most under $5.

Got something you want appraised or need info or advice?  Bring it to this show or clear pix of the item or items.  Experts on hand here ! 

The VEE is sponsored by the Michigan Antique Radio Club, a 501c1 non-profit club founded in 1985.   The club accepts donations of vintage electronics items and can help with estates of such.  Contact us if you have a large collection to sell.       


We do two Vintage Electronics Expos a year, one in January in Farmington Hills and one in July in Kalamazoo.  We’d like to encourage you to attend either show.

We had a fantastic summer VEE 2017,   at the Kalamazoo Expo Center.   Thanks to all who came and made it the best VEE yet (pix below).   We had even more vendors than last year. Its the only “all indoors” event of this type in the USA. 

Mark your calendar now for this one… July 13-14 2018.    One of the “regulars” at this show posts a video tour of the show each year.   Click here to see his Youtube tour of the 2017 VEE…   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_rrRR9v-bw  


Extravaganza a
Extravaganza bExtravaganza dExtravaganza gExtravaganza kExtravaganza j



The Vintage Electronics Expo/ Extravaganza events are hosted by  MARC, the Michigan Antique Radio Club, which was officially founded October 19, 1985 at the Dillon Inn (now the Hampton Inn) in Lansing, Michigan.   While most MARC members live within the Great Lakes region of the U.S. the organization also is represented throughout this country as well as Canada, Europe and Australia.  Membership is just $25 per year and includes the informative Chronicle mailed 4 times a year.  

photo by Steve Enzer

photo by Steve Enzer



The organization holds two annual events.   Each event offers free appraisals of any vintage electronics type items brought in, much like the famous “Roadshow”  seen on TV.    At each show you will find vintage radios, TV, vintage calculating/computing gear,  vintage audio stuff , test equipment,  records,  record players,  parts, tubes and related vintage electronics items, all for sale by owners.  Some are restored gems, others are “as-is” bargains.  You can actually buy most “as-is” vintage table radios for under $50, many in great working order.  Some highly priced gems can sell for over $2000.  At our “Main Auction” in 2011 we had one of the most desired “Art Deco”  radios sell for $34,000 !  It was found in a barn !    We never know what will show up !

Here is an overview of the Vintage Electronics events:

SUMMER- Kalamazoo, MI.  Our largest show (and the first ALL INDOOR  multi-day vintage electronics event of this type in the USA) has moved from our long time Lansing location to Kalamazoo Expo Center, located at the Kalamazoo County Fairgrounds.    It is usually the second full weekend after the 4th of July holiday.  This show features a  huge flea market,  a “Main Auction”,  “Silent Auctions”,  seminars, and a Bargain Auction at the end of the event.  Sellers and buyers come from all over the USA.   The club encourages the general public to attend… the admission is just $5 per day.  Thursday is a set up day only (no sales allowed and only dealers admitted), then the flea market opens FRIDAY morning.     We also offer a “Roadshow” style evaluation  service at each show.  The club encourages folks to bring in items for appraisal, repair or parts info, or to donate to the club.  Bring clear pictures if the item(s) are too large to move.   Best to contact us first if you have a collection of items you wish to sell or donate to the club.

WINTER- Farmington Hills, MI….  will be held  Saturday, January 28, 2017 at the Costick Activities Center 28600 Eleven Mile Rd.  Approx 100 tables of sellers.   Hours are usually 8am-2pm at this show.  In 2016 we had a record 520 folks in the door!  Bring a friend and enjoy this unique event !   Admission is just $5,  kids under 12 free.

For more info on any of the MARC events,  call 734-20-RADIO (207-2346) or email moppat@comcast.net.


MARC also publishes The Michigan Antique Radio Chronicle, which is included with membership.  Membership is currently $25 per year.

extravaganza1This picture shows the Lansing “Extravaganza” event from back around 1990 when we had a small tent !  This event grew for many years and is now ALL INDOORS  with 40,000 square feet each July inside the Kalamazoo Expo Center !